About us


It is a delhi based company since 1984. Company is engaged in manufacturing consumer goods in electrical, electronic and novelities using highest available modern techniques to finalize the products as per International standards. Company is now specialised in India to
made the range of Hair- Dryer, Travel-Irons & Novelities.

The company is committed to make only Quality.The character of our Company can be defined in a single line as our M.D Mr. S.S Gill says “The secret of your success hides in only you & bring out the best of you to achieve all through”.

The company has also received Bharat Vikas Excellence Award 1997 for the Quality products. The future plan to make microwaves products & computer related items. The company has high qualified personnel for their RQD department.

SINCE 1984

Established in 1984 , Kolvin specialises in the manufacturing of beauty care , personal care and house hold appliance. In recent years, Company has carved out a niche for itself as a renowned manufacturer and marketer of quality products, both in the domestic and overseas markets.


We are proud to contribute to the mission of Made in India as all the Kolvin products are being manufactured in our manufacturing plant under the strict quality control measurements. The Company is backed by a highly active and versatile Reasearch and Development department, which enables it to evolve innovative concepts and ideas on an ongoing basis, and transform them into a wide range of high-quality products.


We keep a close eye on emerging needs of consumers as well as on technologies, so we can stay in touch with – and ahead of-major developments. Currently the company portfolio consisits of various kinds of hair dryres, body massagers, steamers and vaporizers, Tavel irons, facials Massagers, Hair Straighteners and wax Heaters to name a few.


With strong dealer and distributor network across India ,Kolvin products are never too away from the point of demand. Our strong network makes the product delivery quick, and timely every time. company takes pride in welcoming associates from all over the world to join hands with the company for cooperative bossiness venture in the near future.